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Feature request: Customer Field

I searched the forum and found the following thread discussing the addition of the customer field.

It does not appear that anything was done about this.

In my situation we are entering cases into FogBugz that originate from a specific customer(s).

I would like to be able to assign one or more customers to a case. With this information I would create filters that return cases that are relevant to specific customers.

This would enable

Brett Clapham
Wednesday, June 30, 2004

This is not supported in the current version.

We do ship the source code, you can modify it as needed.

Under the hood, you could use the exisiting Bug.sCustomerEmail field, which would allow you to associate a case with one customer (not multiple). This already happens when a customer emails a case in, but you could add an HTML form input for this field - i.e. collect the email address from the user as one of the New Case fields - then save it (to Bug.sCustomerEmail) along with the other new case fields.

If you have programmers on staff, you could write a very simple ASP (or PHP or whatever) page that queries the Bug table in your FogBugz database for the cases entered by the given user, i.e. "where sCustomerEmail = ''. Do a join on the BugEvent table to get current status and history etc.

Alternately, use access or excel:

Fog Creek Software
Wednesday, June 30, 2004

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