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Is this the only way to submit feature requests?

I was curious if this forum was the only way to let the Fog Creek team know of features which would be nice if they made it into the next release?

Just in case, here are the things which I would love would make it in the future release:

1) Make it optional whether to assign the case back to the owner when a case is resolved (I disabled this in my copy)

2) Users assigned to specific projects. Ability to define their access permissions. (Did not implement this one, too big in scope)

3) Make the columns in the list mode user defined, I needed to see Area and FixFor so I had to add them myself.

4) When editing a bug, show the Fix For date in the drop down box. Not just the Fix For name.

5) A list view, which can optionally display the Case History/Details. I turn this on/off with a QueryString value.

6) A more complete summary at the bottom of the list view. This is what I am currently Showing:
Box 1
- Total Cases
- Number of cases that don't have an estimate
- Total original estimated time
- Total current estimated time
- Total elapsed time
- Total remaining estimated time

Box 2 - Displays the same information above but itemized for all users (Only users for the current filter). Allows us to see based on the filter, remaining cases and estimate/actuals.

I hope these suggestions will at least be debated at Fog Creek. I really love the product, but don't want to port my own changes when new releases come out.



Odin Ortiz
Thursday, June 17, 2004

Thanks for the thoughtful feedback. It's always useful to hear what features FogBugz users want to see added. I’m passing your comments on to the development lead for consideration for future releases.

You can also mail requests to us here:

Regarding your changes: You can check it into a source control system like CVS or Subversion and let that system merge your changes with our changes when we release a new version. (Disclaimer: we cannot provide technical support to modified code.) 

Fog Creek Software
Friday, June 18, 2004

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