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Fix For and Version?

Hi I'm new to Fogbugz although our parent organisation has used it for some time now. On first impressions I like what I see, but I'm trying to find out if I can record the release for bugs raised and closed.

Ideally I would like two fields 'Found in' and 'Fixed in'. These should be dropdowns based on the releases previously set up for the project.

I would like a restriction that bugs can only be raised if the 'Found in' field is filled in.

More importantly I would like a restriction that bugs can only every be closed if the 'Fixed in' field is filled in.

We use Fogbugz for bug tracking for development of our software as well as our released software. This system would allow a project manager to get some numbers on which development releases were most buggy (beta1, beta2, RC1, RC2, etc. This can only help us in trying to work out how we are doing in our development effort.

At the moment we are using the 'Fix For' field for 'Fixed in'. But there is no requirement to select a release before closing.

We also use 'version' as 'Found in', but this is free text, and so we can't use it to to sort on - and it should really tie in with releases.

Can I get this added as a feature request if it isn't currently possible to achieve what I want with the current release?

Many thanks.

Pat Turner
Tuesday, June 8, 2004

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