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Integrating FogBugz / Licensing Question

I'm in the process of evaluating fogbugz for use within my small consulting firm and also for use with some of my external "open source" type projects. In addition to a email submission form I was thinking of writing a module that would allow other developers/users to view existing bugs/feature requests in a readonly manner before submitting a duplicate request. Would creating a readonly module such as this that queries the FogBugz database be a violation of user licensing?  My goal of this is not to get around buying additional user accounts but to reduce the amount of duplicate defects/feature request opened by a project open to public defect submission. So specifically my question is:

1) Can I query the fogbugz database for readonly data that will be displayed outside the fogbugs web modules?

2) Can I make this module (I plan to implement this feature as a DotNetNuke Module) available to other FogBugz users if they are interested also? (of course as a free module)?

Thanks in advance.


Joshua Carlisle
Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Technically speaking, as long as your code did not use or link to any existing FogBUGZ code and went straight to the database directly, so that the users of your code did not actually "use" FogBUGZ (the code) or cause it to run, that seems like it would be fine. In other words if you write your own, standalone thing that doesn't touch or run any of our code and just queries the database directly we would not have any objection. After all, it's your data and your code.

If your code accessed FogBUGZ or caused any or our code to be run that would be fine as well, but it would require a user license for each named end-user. So for example if you took advantage of FogBUGZ classes to access the database or even used FogBUGZ utility functions, or if your code used an http library to hit the FogBUGZ web pages, you would need a user license for each person.

Joel Spolsky
Fog Creek Software
Friday, May 28, 2004

Thanks for the clarification. I'm only going to be hitting against the DB directly (w/o use of any fogbugz libraries) so it sounds like everything should be cool. Thanks.

Josh Carlisle

Friday, May 28, 2004

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