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Report on the BugEvent.s field with inline emails


We have been using FB for nearly a year for internal development and testing of opur product. Now we have a number of consultants and customers that are submitting to the system via email. Cool

We want to produce reports to give these external users showing Issues submitted and various Bug Event detailia.

The problem is that the details or 's' field on the BugEvent table has far more then we want to report back to the user. I am looking for a way to parse the message info (with possible inline attachments) to gain (1) the body, (2)  info that it was an email.

I quickly discounted using Crystal, Regex and a custom parser due to the complexity...and looked into creating the Dart.Message object.
This was not so hard..but I have has NO LUCK in actually filling the message with the info from the db in the same way FB does it in dlgBugEditing.asp.

Any ideas or alternative suggestions much appreciated


Thursday, May 13, 2004

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