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.NET class for submitting bugs available

I've made a class in C#.NET that allows me to report bugs from within applications. I added support for reporting exceptions through simple to use methods, which will auto-generate titles like the examples in the help shows that Fog Creek does themselves (ie. their unique id system).

The class can also attach a list of assemblies loaded with the version numbers, and stacktrace and other data about exceptions, etc. but you can customize all the properties that the scoutSubmit.asp file uses if you want total control.

The class is available for download from, if anyone's interested.

Download the source zip file, and you'll find the class in the Debugging\FogBUGZ directory. The class should be stand-alone and not relying on other parts of my library so if you only want to use that you're encourage to just extract that file and add to a library of its own or to your projects if you want it inside the exe file itself.

There's also a documentation zip file if you want a compiled CHM file, but that one contains the documentation for all my classes, not just that one, so you might just want to look in the .cs file to find the relevant bits there.

Lasse Vågsæther Karlsen
Friday, May 7, 2004

nice class but there is a copyright notice in there which says you need to request permission before using it:

"// This file copyrighted and for internal use only. Any use of this file must be
// Authorized by Norcem IT Department."

Can we not use this class in a commercial app?

Tuesday, August 3, 2004

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