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Verification test tracking

I am a new Fogbugz user today.  I would like to use it to document software testing as well as bugs.  Here is an outline of the process as I conceive it:

Create a case with a Test title.
Document the test process and results.
When a bug is found, either create a new bug case referenced to the test or re-assign the original case.
Iterate to resolution.

Is this going to work?

Do you have any suggestions about how to manage test items separate from bug items?  I considered starting test item titles with the work  “TEST:”, creating a new area called “TEST”, or assigning these items to a user called “TEST”.  Which of these would work best, or is there another option?  Any input or insight will help.

Shane Mooney
Wednesday, April 21, 2004

First, I'll say that FogBUGZ could be used for just about any collobarative effort, and collaboration aside, any organizational effort.  It also makes a great customer service system.

You're already thinking creatively about it, so I suggest you spend at least a day or two trying out your different approaches to see the pros and cons.

To me, testing would be an area of a project. All tests would start off as Inquiries and perhaps be turned into Bugs when the test revealed a bug. You may want to keep them separate and create a new bug and link to the original test - typing "case 123" creates a link to case 123, by the way.

Using a user called Test may be confusing, if you have multiple testers how will you assign it to them? Once you do assign it to someone else it would no longer be considered a test. However if you have one tester on your team this may be a useful byproduct.

Fog Creek Software
Thursday, April 22, 2004

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