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Problems with setup on windows 2003 server

I tried to install fogbugz on a windows 2003 machine and thirst things setup says is "FogBugz requires VBScript 5.6 or later.please download fr4om microsoft and an url"
I thought 5.6 is integrated in 2003 server. The i copied all the files from the windows 2000 server where fogbugz was installed and working before. It works almost, but i get the message when someone submit a new bug which is" Your bug was NOT submitted. Please hit back and resubmit your bug.: 006~ASP 0175~Disallowed Path Characters~The '..' characters are not allowed in the Path parameter for the MapPath method. "

Does someone knows how to solve this. I tried removing the .. from the mappath string but it didn't work!

Plz Help, i am getting frustrated with this!

Cheers Wim

Wim Tra KRanen
Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Please see our article about this:

(Your initial order was on 8/14/2003, so you are apparently using this problematic version of FogBUGZ Setup. You have a newer order in March, if you download that setup program and use that instead in the future that will prevent this from occurring with any future installs you may execute.)

Fog Creek Software
Tuesday, April 13, 2004

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