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Merging cases

Is it possible to merge two cases into one? Sometimes a client will send a second email supplying further information regarding the same issue (even before you've opened the original sometimes) and a new case is automatically created. Is there a way to merge the two cases?

Kieth Furey
Wednesday, April 7, 2004

There is currently no merge feature. You can type "see case 1234" or "bug 1234" and FB will automatically turn that into a link to case number 1234. That's how I handle the situation you're talking about. As long as they're linked the need to conjoin the information presented is met. We'll consider a true merge feature for a future release.

You can also resolve a case as duplicate and enter the other case number to link the two cases, as appropriate.

Fog Creek Software
Wednesday, April 7, 2004

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