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I'd like to create a report that will show the names of every developer a bug was "assigned to".  (exactly as seen when you view the bug.  (the entire history of who worked the bug)  We often have more than one developer who works a bug.  Current filters only return the last assigned to.  This leaves out the other developers who contributed to the ultimate fix.  Filtering on "resolved by" also leaves out some of the contributors.
What are the table/field relationships used to display all bug history?  This would help me create a query for my report.

Monday, April 5, 2004

You want all records in BugEvent table where sVerb contains "Assigned to"

e.g. something like

select * from bugevent
where sverb like 'Assigned to%'

You then look at the ixPerson for each record, that's the person who resolved it, and use a join on the Person table to see the name of that person.

(As I described in your previous post:)

Fog Creek Software
Monday, April 5, 2004

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