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[REQ] Reply to email and have it appear in FB item


Currently when you get a FB item it looks like this:

A new case was assigned to you in FogBUGZ.

Case ID:    905
Title:    TSQLDatabaseInfo from nluUI.
Project:  Components & Library
Area:      Arrivals
From:      Jason Smith
URL:      http://some.domain/default.asp?905
Last message:
Currently the unit nluUI is deprecated. Due to this we are trying to remove it from StudioU at the present moment. This can not occur due to the need to use the TSQLDatabaseInfo type that it contains. Please add this type to another library so that we can remove nluUI from this project.

Once again being out on the road I dont have access to the bug tracking system and only have email access. So I would like to be able to achieve the following:

- Reply to the email and have the content go to the FB item
- Optionally change the assignment of the item using the same email mechanism


Donovan J. Edye
Wednesday, March 31, 2004

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