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Query to find out who really resolved a bug

I would like to be able to query closed bugs to determine who resolved the bug.  In many cases the bug is passed between developers until someone fixes it.  Then a tester resolves them.  I want to get a count of how many bugs each developer worked. 
When I view a closed bug I can see the history of the bug assignments but the built-in filter options will not let me query on anything but the current 'assigned to' person.  Closed bugs are assigned to 'Closed'. 
Same for Active or Resolved bugs, only the current person can be added to the filter.

Can you provide the table relationships used when you display this history so I can create a query and dump it into a report?
I have a SQL backend and have read the on-line documentation "Create Reports Using Access 2000 on SQL server".

Lisa Nice
Friday, March 26, 2004

You want all records in BugEvent table where sVerb contains Resolved

e.g. something like
select * from bugevent
where sverb like 'Resolved%'

You then look at the ixPerson for each record, that's the person who resolved it, and use a join on the person table to see the name of that person.

Keep in mind of course that a case can be resolved and re-opened over and over...

Fog Creek Software
Friday, March 26, 2004

Actually, I'm confused - you say you want to "determine who resolved the bug" and that you want to see what the developers have worked on, but you say that the testers resolve the bugs not the developers.

Generally, the developer should *resolve* the bug and the tester should verify that and *close* it. Maybe that's what you meant to say?

Fog Creek Software
Friday, March 26, 2004

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