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Specifying the case ID

I'm trying the demo version of FogBUGZ. Currently I just track bugs for my project in an Excel spreadsheet. I currently have about 80 cases that I've already issued with a case ID.

To bring this data into FogBUGZ, I need to be able to set the Case number to be the same as the one that I've assigned in Excel, rather than a new FogBUGZ number.

Is there a way to specify the case number of a bug?

Ian Howlett
Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Replying to myself here!

Having just imported the bugs, with a little help from Fog Creek, the process is actually very easy. I'll write it here in case anyone else needs it:

1. Move the auto-incrementing index in the database to something quite high, so you never get collisions and it's easy to see which are the new temporary FogBUGZ ids. In mySQL you'd use:

1. Enter your bugs as normal, and just write down how the FogBUGZ case IDs map to the ones from your old system. (I didn't bother entering my closed bugs, so the numbers jumped around a bit.)

2. Go into the database and manually change the fields Bug.ixBug and BugEvent.ixBug. Use SQL queries like this:

UPDATE Bug set ixBug=1 WHERE ixBug=1000;
UPDATE BugEvent set ixBug=1 WHERE ixBug=1000;

(If you've got a lot of this to do you might want to write a little script to map the values more easily.)

3. Set the auto increment for the case IDs back to the next free number, based on your old system. In MySQL:

And you're done.

Ian Howlett
Saturday, April 3, 2004

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