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Deactivating license?

I want to move my FogBUGZ installation from my local dev server to our colo.

I've installed FogBUGZ 3.1.9 at the new location already, and restored a backup of the SQL db at the colo.

But, when i run FogBUGZ from the colo, i get this error:

"You have used up your license request allotment and our license server can no longer give you licenses. Please contact Fog Creek directly to have your allotment reset so that you may again install your licenses. Thank you for your understanding."

How can i deactivate my current license and activate it at the new location?


Kirk Marple
Friday, March 12, 2004

I've had this a few times when testing the beta of the UNIX/Mac version. Basically you only get so many goes at installing FogBUGZ licenses before they block the license activation.

Just drop an email and ask them to reset your allotment as you're moving to another server and reference your email address and order number. They're nice guys, so I'm sure will reset it for you.

Ian Jones
Saturday, March 13, 2004

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