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Submitting crash reports ourselves


We'd like to give our customers a web form, from which they can submit bugs into FogBUGZ. We'd like to be able to customize exactly how much info they can (and need to) enter, and we'd like to be able to set certain things about those new bug reports ourselves, based on certain criteria (like the customer name or type of customer).

Is there a documented way to do this? Can we just pluck stuff directly into the SQL tables, or is there a documented way (API) to do this?

Also, I saw the automatic bug reporting features an ActiveX Control - any hope that'll be available as a native .NET component, too, sometime soon? I'd like to avoid ActiveX as much as I can...


Marc Scheuner
Thursday, February 12, 2004

1. You can set a project to allow public submissions, and then they can go to the same FogBUGZ url you use and submit cases without logging in.
2. You can give them a url for ScoutSubmit.asp.
There's no need to use the Activex Control for this. We don't have plans for a .Net version currently.

You can make any modifications to the source code that you deem necessary. We don't provide support or documentation for source mods, but the code is well laid out, and the db schema pretty self explanatory. People do discuss mods on this forum.

Thursday, February 12, 2004

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