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Source Control integration of added/removed files

We just installed FogBugz (3.1.9) at our company, and I've configured the integration into Visual SourceSafe. I've noticed a couple of issues dealing with files are added to and removed from VSS.

When working on a feature, I'll create a new file and add it to SourceSafe. The "added" action is not logged by the update script. I would expect that an added file is really a checkin of version 1.

If I then check out/check in some changes for the feature, the checkin is logged (version 2). The diff view makes it look like version 2 is the first version. I would expect that the view would show only the changes that were made between version 1 and version 2.

Subsequent checkins work just as I would expect.

Sometimes files are removed from a project, typically after a refactoring process. The "remove" action is recorded in the journal file, but no record of that is tracked by FogBugz. I would expect that the removal of a file from the project is important as well, and should be tracked. In addition, the existing links to the file produce an error message indicating there might be a bug in the integration, when it is really just because the file had been removed.

If the remove action was tracked, I would expect that prior references to the file would be able to know that the file had been removed and display them appropiately. Perhaps the reference could still be displayed, but with a note to the right that the project has been removed. Or perhaps clicking on the link could produce a friendlier error since there would be a record that the project file was deleted, and that's why the link doesn't work any more.

I suppose that I could work around the "add" issue by having all developers add a blank file to source control, check it out, and then start writhing their code. That seems like an unnecessary step that is a barrier to using FogBugz to its full potential.

Do I make sense or do I need to educated that the current integration is "A Good Thing"? Right now, I'd say it's "A Mostly Good Thing." :-)

Don Benson
Monday, February 2, 2004

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