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Email optional?

Hi folks,

is email-integration optional?

I don't plan on having any mail connectivity; will this present a problem?

Also, ditto for CVS?

(In the demo account I just played with, I went and deleted 'sample project'; it no longer appears in under the projects admin.  however, if I go to create a new ticket, it is still the (default) project in the dropdown.  I guess it can't be deleted because there is still references etc, but surely it can be hidden from preventing new cases?  Will the fogbuz I buy have any sample data getting in the way?)

William Edwards
Thursday, January 29, 2004

Yes, it's all optional, and no it won't cause any problems. There are email notifications that won't be sent out and you won't have incoming email into FogBUGZ.

The project droplist defaults to the last project to which you assigned a case, regardless of whether it's been deleted. That won't happen after you assign a new case to a different project.

Dmitri (fogcreek)
Thursday, January 29, 2004

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