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Unix version on shared host?

I'd love to buy a copy of FB for Unix and slap it up on my product's domain (on a shared web host), so that ideally my application can submit crash reports to it directly.  Is this feasible?  Will I need shell access to copy stuff in place, or can files all be copied into the appropriate directory structure, assuming the other prerequisites are taken care of?

Sam Livingston-Gray
Wednesday, January 14, 2004

I was hoping for this but my host is running BSD 4.8 not 5.1 and I don't think I can run dispatcho either :(

Tony Edgecombe
Wednesday, January 14, 2004

FogBUGZ can run on a shared host but it isn't recommended.  A lot of tricky things have to be perfect for it to work.  You won't be able to run the install script which takes care of all of this because it edits httpd.conf, php.ini and copies files to places where you won't have permissions.

For instance, your host has to have it's php.ini file set up so that the extension_dir is set to "./".  FogBugz uses a php shared object.

You have to be able to turn off magic_quotes_gpc.  You can do this with an .htaccess file if your host set things up right.

You won't be able to run dispatchod.php unless you can get shell access.  Basically, it is possible, but unlikely that your host will have everything just right.

Michael H. Pryor (fogcreek)
Wednesday, January 14, 2004

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