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Multiple Version fixes of same bug

We're looking at replacing existing bug tracking system and like the look of FogBugz.

Situation : Our current bug software allows for multiple versions of the code to be associated with one bug. Each of these versions is assigned to a person to fix, add information to etc.

Question : Is it possible to have multiple tracks of work against a single bug using FogBugz ?
I've noticed that you can link between cases but that would require entering the same bug information, the only difference being the version to be fixed.

Many thanks

Dorje McKinnon
Monday, January 12, 2004

If you want 3 develoepers to work on 3 different versions of a given body of code, you're going to want 3 different "cases" in FogBUGZ. The word case is used to provide more flexibility and particularly applies in "cases" like this. You could create a "parent" bug, containing steps to repro etc., then link to it from the version-specific child cases.

If you use source control like CVS, when the coders make changes to their various versions, they can enter the master bug id with those changes and thus link the work done on all 3 child cases to the parent case, i.e. their logs and diffs will show up as links in the parent case. For related screenshots of CVS integration, click here:

Dmitri (fogcreek)
Monday, January 12, 2004

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