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How to define priorties

FogBUGZ defines 7 priority levels but strangely provides the same decription for some of them.  I'm trying to keep our system as simple as possible and therefore restricting to 3 levels

P1 - show stopper, we can't release without addressing it
P2 - serious problem but we can get away with it
P3 - minor issue, can certainly release with this issue

So I've marked P4-P7 as "Don't use"

We make a release decisons based on what P1s and P2s are still outstanding.  The product cannot ship if there are any P1s still open - or we drop the feature that includes this issue.  In theory we can release with a few P2s or P3s still open, but if there are large numbers of either then common sense says that we can't release - the code has a bad smell.

What metrics are people here using to define each level?  I really can't see why 7 levels are required - how can you choose between 6 and 7?

Andrew Jackson
Tuesday, January 6, 2004

There's an interesting perception thing here - I saw nothing strange in the priorities having the same description but different weightings...

It may or may not make much sense in the context of "must fix" although it might in terms of who you allocate to get the job done and/or whether you decide to include a feature (as opposed to fixing a bug) in a particular release.

However it certainly makes sense in terms of "fix if time" as it suggests what order to do things in.

Don't fix is useful too... especially in regard of clever features when "herding cats".

Wednesday, January 7, 2004

We follow almost the same method. P1, P2, P3 are the same.

P4 and 5 are unused.

P6 is used to flag a "Note" - programmers keep future enhancements/ideas in fogbugz. Perhaps we should keep notes elsewhere, like a wiki or other internal doc... Or instead use the Enhancement category to flag them.

P7 is "Undecided' - this is our default priority. Any P7 bug needs to be reviewed and distributed accordingly..  I've never really liked using this field to denote that. We only canabalized the field for that purpose to allow us to create reports weekly on undecided bugs - something we don't do anymore. We should've stay with just 3 priorities!

Jon Newton
Wednesday, January 7, 2004

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