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Diff using VSS

We are using Visual SourceSafe for version control and have it integrated with FogBUGZ.  Unfortunately, the diffs produced by FogBUGZ after checking in files are very difficult to read - there is no context, e.g. surrounding code, given for the changes.

I realize that FogBUGZ simply takes VSS's output and uses it directly to create the diff display, but is it possible to somehow supplement that with the context of the changes?  That would make the diffs much more readable.

Tuesday, January 6, 2004

As far as I know FogBugz is basically at the mercy of VSS when it comes to deciding on source code display.

CVS let's you download the source file itself (i.e. accessed via FogBUGZ integration).

I have to ask, how much context is the right amount, anyway? There's no way to set that in stone. Adding, say, 20 more lines of surrounding source code might make something more clear in one situation and be irrelevant in another.

Dmitri (fogcreek)
Tuesday, January 6, 2004

Thanks for the response.  I guess one way of showing context would be to grab the previous version of the file and the current version of the file and then to display a few lines above and below.  It wouldn't fit everyone's needs every time, since there's no way of knowing how much context is appropriate, but it would be a big improvement over the way it works now.

You seem to imply that CVS might allow this sort of functionality since you can get the complete file at any revision, but VSS does not.  Is that the problem with doing it this way?

Wednesday, January 7, 2004

I didn't mean to imply that VSS does not, I haven' t used VSS, I use CVS, and meant to imply two things: first, I'm guessing VSS lets you do the same thing, and secondly, if not, maybe switching to CVS would meet your needs. (Or, for that matter, Perforce or Vault, I've heard those two are better than VSS, but I don't mean to start a religious war.)

If someone checks in ver. 1, then ver 2, you can already click on both to see (some) more context... that may not be relevant to your needs...

Dmitri Kalmar
Wednesday, January 7, 2004

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