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Feature Request: Sort Ascending or Descending


Fairly new FB customer here. Apologies if this has been discussed, but I haven't been able to dig it up on a forum search.

In Grid View (maybe List as well), how about an option to sort ascending or descending?

Maybe Joel has already rejected it. And we are big fans of his simpler is better philosophy. That is why we're here.

But. We've just started beta testing for our next software release. Testers discuss the software on a beta mailing list, and submit bug reports via a Feedback page on our website (that dumps into FB). Usually bug reports start out with the original Feedback report and then get appended by betalist discussion, where we cut and paste the important part of these posts into the original FogBUGZ case.

Some days we'll add 10-15 new bugs/new cases, and then later in the day or next day have to add the additions from the betalist to each case.

It would be a real timesaver to be able to see the most RECENT cases at the top of the list in Grid View, sorted by number, as they are the ones that usually require immediate attention. So far I've only been able to sort in Grid View from 0 to latest case.

Can we sort from latest case to 0?


James Barkshire

James Barkshire
Monday, January 5, 2004

Yes... unless I'm misunderstanding you. The "Filter" screen includes options to sort with "newest cases first" or "newest cases last."

Joel Spolsky
Monday, January 5, 2004

I wrote something which made no sense - then I went to play... if you click on the column headings in grid view the view re-sorts in ascending order by that column. A means to re-sort in descending order as well would be useful.

Tuesday, January 6, 2004

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