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Date required instead of time estimate

We're just running the online trial and found a big problem (for us). There is a time estimate for each case and a due date for each project, which sounds great, but we'd really like a date estimate in addition to the the time estimate.

In order to support one of the main ways we track and report activity, we'd have to create a new project for every case. We want the time estimates because we think that will help us get better at estimating time and workloads. Our users want some idea of when the job will be done, not how many man-hours are involved. We don't really want to start using 5 days or 30 days as time estimates when we expect that the work will only take a couple of hours but we aren't likely to get around to doing anything about it for some time.

I should point out that we plan on using FB to help us out with *only* internal software projects. Although we do have actual new projects from time to time, most of what I do is maintenance programming. We normally release updates based on the importance of what we've most recently done rather than to any kind of schedule.

If somebody can point out a different way of conceptualising what we do that works within FB as is, then I'm all ears.

Or then again (writing to complain makes me think harder), maybe we should be running a custom report that takes open cases in order of priority and uses the time estimate as an offset to some base date. I'm thinking that the base date might be something simple like 'TODAY()', but something more complicated might be required. Even so, it would be nice to display this value on the FB screen(s).

Any feedback on my apparently random thoughts is appreciated.

Ron Porter
Monday, December 29, 2003

You can get this pretty easily.  Just do a filter on whatever cases you want a total for, and look at the bottom of the listing page.  It will give you the total estimated time, from which you can compute a specific date.  This way you can get dates for whatever query you want (only bugs with priority > 3 for this project, etc).

Michael H. Pryor (fogcreek)
Monday, December 29, 2003

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