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Yet another email setup problem

I have setup Fobbugz on a local server and it is running fine except for email notification..

The SMTP server in question is external (ie. our ISP's), which we use for all company email, and I have checked it via telnet as per the email problems FAQ and it is fine.

I pulled out my Mastering Win2k tome and setup the reverse zone lookup so that nslookup on the server is fine and ident is working fine (our Watchguard firewall handles it fine)

I have setup the users in Fogbugz fine - the email addresses are correct and they are set to receive notifications.

What have I missed ?

Jamie Osborn
Thursday, December 4, 2003

Honestly, it *has* to be in that doc somewhere.  If you follow it top to bottom, you can't reach the end without finding the problem (or drinks are on me).

Note that some of the telnet stuff you need to do, you have to do FROM the fogbugz server to make sure that is working.  Also, if your SMTP server requires a security certificate you have to log on to the server machine as the fogbugz user to install the cert.

Log on to that machine as the fogbugz user and run outlook express and try sending the emails.  Use the email address you typed into fogbugz.

Michael H. Pryor (fogcreek)
Thursday, December 4, 2003

I was having a similar problem:  the solution turned out to be to ensure that the "notification return address" (set on the Site page) is somewhat valid.
(I think its domain needs to be verifiable by the SMTP server?)  Since setup-documentation recommends making this a non-existent email address it's an easy mistake to make.  (I'd used an internal domain-name...)


MIke W-M
Wednesday, September 29, 2004

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