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Fogbugz won't work for me, I am afraid

Overall I like Fogbugz.  But it has too many small shortcomings to be adopted here.

Here are some of them:

a) When I Resolve a bug, I cannot enter the build it will be resolved in.

b) I cannot give our tech support staff and customer service people limited access to the system.  For example, I want the tech guys to be able to:
  i) enter new items
  ii) query for items he has entered
  iii) see all items he has entered with status
  iv) see items entered by others in the 'front line'

  (the point here is that our front line folks
    should not be able to see the whole system, just
    items they have been involved with _as a group_)

c) No 'fix list export'  (described in a prior post of mine here).  PR Tracker has had this for years, and I want it in whatever I go to next.

Those are the big ones.  (A and B are for sure).  Some 'like to have':

a) Paste screen shots directly into the item.

b) UNC paths to files work as hot links in the item (to launch files, open PDF's, etc.)

Thank you for the help!

Thursday, November 27, 2003

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