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Suggestion: use <pre> instead of &nbsp;

Right now, it seems that FogBUGZ's bug report parser is replacing multiple spaces with &nbsp; -- which is a handy feature, or at least it would be if the reports were displayed using a fixed-width font.

It would really be nice if we could embed HTML tags in our bug reports, so I could just enclose selected text in <pre> and have the browser display the contents using a fixed-width font.

If for some reason fog creek are opposed to allowing HTML markup...then perhaps text with more than one line containing multiple (3+) spaces could be enclosed in a <pre> to preserve the horizontal spacing?

(Allowing HTML markup would be better, though; automatically assuming things like this usually causes problems at one point or another.)

Lorne Laliberte
Thursday, February 28, 2002

The &nbsp;'s are there so that when you cut and paste bits of code into bug reports, they will preserve extra spaces which might be meaningful.

We do not allow HTML markup in bug reports intentionally; FogBUGZ is meant to be usable by everybody and not just HTML programmers. It is very common for people to put <, >, &, etc. in bug reports and people who are working on web sites often paste HTML into bug reports expecting it to appear as-is.

Joel Spolsky
Thursday, February 28, 2002

Right, but it would be nice to be able to use simple markup in the reports if we want to; an "HTML on" checkbox sort of thing.

Stuff like <i> and <b> and <span style="white-space: nowrap"> come in pretty handy at times...

But I definitely see your point.

Here's an example from the bug report where I tried to use simple markup:

Suggestions for the command line option:

/D      (<b>D</b>esign-time constants)
/DF    (<b>D</b>esign-time constants <b>F</b>ile)
/DTCF  (<b>D</b>esign-<b>t</b>ime <b>c</b>onstants <b>F</b>ile)
/LDTC  (<b>Load</b> <b>D</b>esign-<b>t</b>ime <b>c</b>onstants)

Lorne Laliberte
Thursday, February 28, 2002

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