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Enter elapsed time directly from resolution page?

This issue may have been discussed and decided as a "workflow design" already, but I have a wish...

I wish that you could enter an elapsed time in the absence of an estimate from the resolution page. The workflow currently requires that an estimate be entered from the Edit page. So, you cannot resolve a bug and enter an elapsed time in one step. You can resolve the bug and then Edit it, entering the estimate and elapsed time, but again... two steps.

Sometimes I get a bug report that will take very little time to resolve, like "Fix spelling error on main page caption" or somesuch. In order to enter an elapsed time for this work, I must first edit the bug, enter an estimate (".1h"), submit the bug, click Resolve, enter the elapsed time, and submit again. Sometimes, it takes longer to do the bug tracking software updates than it does to do the real work, especially if the web server is slow at the time. The temptation is to not use the time tracking feature at all in these cases, leading to null values in the time tracking arena.

I can see the desire to not let hindsight "pollute" estimates, but I can also see the desire to streamline workflow. I would think that bugs with no time tracking in them at all are not preferable to bugs with accurate elapsed times but missing estimates. What do others think?

Mike Weber
Tuesday, February 26, 2002

thanks for the feedback. I'm curious as to how many people are using time estimating with FogBUGZ? We have a long term plan to make FogBUGZ a more complete scheduling/project management tool by adding all kinds of time estimating features, everything from easier editing to personal vacations to GANTT charts. But this is still a year or two away.

Joel Spolsky
Wednesday, February 27, 2002

In our (my!) brief usage we ran with the times pretty much as expected - excepting that I am the development department.

Enter the time at the earliest opportunity and keep track of the total estimated time to complete at the end. Plus keeping track of the actual times because some of the changes are chargeable.

My irritation with the system was not being able to enter an initial estimate at the sametime as I enter the bug - I can see why one wants to make sure the assignee does this but when I'm entering assigning something for me (I am the development department) its a nuisance.

Friday, March 1, 2002

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