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Visibility of IT staff / projects

One issue I found while playing with the trial version:
Does the full version permit to hide the FogBUGZ IT-users and the other programming projects from the client non-user entering a bug report using the Web interface?
In other words: if someone from our BigCorp team enters a case using the standard Web form, he gets to see
a) the "Project:" dropdown combobox containing his BigCorp project along with the SmallCorp, CompetitorLtd and BigUberMonopolist projects, and
b) the "Assigned To:" dropdown combobox containing Primary Contact, Mr. Underpaid Programmer, Mrs. Guru and Lord Head Honcho.

Not good.

Now the article "Working with External Customers (user access control)"
( )
tells me that a) can be remedied by setting up multiple FogBUGZ servers, which seems impractical given that we have more than a dozen different projects going at any given moment. Besides, we don't want to give several dozen project employees full rights to their FogBUGZ DB.
I suppose we could tell our clients to just send emails to, say, and set up a mail catcher for each project, but this seems a waste of a nice interface...

And hiding the programmers in b) seems impossible at the moment, or am I overlooking something?

Christian Severin
Wednesday, November 5, 2003

There's really two different things going on here...

1. Allowing people outside your company who do not have fogbugz licenses to submit bugs

This can be done via email (in which case they don't need a web page), or via the built-in fogbugz form which will show all public sumbittable projects in the dropdown (which you don't like), or a form you write up in html which is the same as the public form, except its static and you remove what you don't want the others to see.  Email is probably the best option here, but you can create a one off html page in seconds.

2. Allowing people outside your company who DO HAVE fogbugz licenses and will need to log in to not see other peoples bugs.  Here's where you will need to have multiple installations.

Michael H. Pryor
Wednesday, November 5, 2003

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