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Want to purchase, but have reservations...

I'm duly impressed with the simplicity and effectiveness of fogbugz.  However, there are a couple of issues that are keeping me from making the purchase:

1. User permissions - Most of the folks I work with are consults and should never ever have access to projects my other consults are working on.  I've read the different threads and work arounds (i.e., setting up multiple versions); but find these solutions impractical.  Is there any chance of the ability to assign projects to specific users in the next version?

2. Email notification - Having to subscribe (for email alerts) to each case isn't quite effective (IMO).  Isn't there a way to have all users automatically be subscribed to each new case?

Item 1 is my real concern and really the only thing holding me back from making the purchase.

Thank You for your time,
Kindler Chase

Kindler Chase
Thursday, October 23, 2003

I second both motions...

Scott Stonehouse
Friday, October 24, 2003

I need the same capability regarding user permissions...without the ability to have a single data install with user-level permissions we can't buy this otherwise fine tool.

Ken Florian
Wednesday, February 4, 2004

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