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Our installation has a global fix-for version named Undecided.  I can't remember whether this was always there or if it was one we added, but I'm thinking it was always there.

Anyway, we'd prefer that item originators not assign anything to Undecided, so we set Assignable to No.  Unfortunately, it still shows up in the list of fix-fors, and it can be assigned to.

Is this a bug, or as designed, or ...?

Chris Dunford
Thursday, February 14, 2002

I never thought of that. Originally "Undecided" was there because we didn't want you ever to get into a state where you couldn't enter bugs because there weren't any assignable fix-fors. (In general there are a bunch of places like that in the design of FogBUGZ, which all revolved around the principle of not letting you get your database into a state where entering a bug could possibly produce an error. Have you ever gotten an error message of any sort when entering or editing a bug? No... we don't even have field validation, because everything is contrived to make it impossible.)

Joel Spolsky
Thursday, February 14, 2002

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