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Email Submission Issues and Feature Requests

It would be convenient to be able to specify a Category for a Mailbox.  Right now, all email submissions are Inquiries, but we've got more than a dozen Mailboxes dedicated to bug reporting and feature suggestion.

Along those lines, we've got hundreds of bugs coming in through email every day, and as can be expected, many of those are duplicates.  When I resolve something as a duplicate, is it extremely tedious to have to close the bug as a seperate, multi-click process.  I understand that it violates the rule of "one person resolves, another tests and closes", but that only applies when a fix is made, or a feature implemented.  When I'm dealing with resolve reasons of 'duplicate', 'responded', 'spam', 'by design', 'won't respond/fix/implement', 'not reproducible', and 'already exists', there does not generally need to be a seperate closing step performed by another person.  Any chance of getting a "Resolve and Close" button?  The extra clicks are killing me.  :)

I know I can perform Resolve and Close en masse from the lists, but only duplicates are easily recognizable from titles, and even then, that's not 100%.

Mike Paddock
Saturday, October 11, 2003

On that first request, the ability to change the Category while resolving, so that appropriate Status categories are available, would also be very helpful.  If a silly user submits a feature request to a bug address, but the feature already exists, I have to edit the category to Feature first, then Resolve as "already exists".

Obviously, I'm all about wanting to reduce the number of required steps to get something done, especially steps that require page reloads.  :)

Mike Paddock
Saturday, October 11, 2003

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