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public submission bug

With 3.1.9, if I go to main fogbugz page and I am not logged in, I have the option to "Enter a new case" even though none of our projects are flagged to allow for public submission. This is a minor issue because you can't get past the next screen because you have to pick a project and area but there are none..  just thought you'd like to know.

Jon Newton
Thursday, September 25, 2003

In the database, in the Project table, there's a field called fAllowPublicSubmit and a field called fDeleted.

You have a Project that you "deleted" (so fDeleted is set to 1, meaning true) that also has a value of 1 (true) for fAllowPublicSubmit.

If you can find this row (or rows) in the Project table and set fAllowPublicSubmit to 0 (that's zero, meaning false) you won't experience this situation any more.

Customer Service
Thursday, September 25, 2003

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