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006~ASP 0177~Server.CreateObject Failed~Element no

Hi there,

I have a four separate instances of FogBugz running on the same server.  Three of the instances work as expected, however, the fourth returns the following error immediately after a user attempts to log in:

006~ASP 0177~Server.CreateObject Failed~Element not found.

I have checked the permissions on the instance's web-site and accessories folders and also on the IIS virtual directory and I am confident that they are the same as those on the working instances.  Do you have any ideas how I can resolve this problem?

The server is running Microsoft Windows 2000 Server and FogBugz is an using Access 2000 database rather than SQL Server.



Steve Cady
Monday, September 22, 2003

In the error message it should give you the line number and file of the error.  Can you send that to us?

This error is the result of one of two problems:

1. It could be permissions. All your fogbugz instances should be running as the same user (properties in iis, directory security tab, edit for anonymous access, then edit or browse again to see the user).  If this is not the case then its possible that the user it is set to does not have permissions on the dll that the COM object lives in, OR domain policy prevents it from doing a createobject.

2. Your dll's in the accessories folder are not registered correctly.  Run register.bat in that folder and reboot.

Customer Service
Monday, September 22, 2003

The error message didn't give any more information than I've already given.  However, running register.bat cured the problem.

Thanks for your help.

Steve Cady
Wednesday, September 24, 2003

Yesterday (Wednesday, October 15, 2003) I applied a bunch of windows updates on our server which hosts 2 fogbugz sites.

Windows Media Player Script Commands (KB828026) Web site
Security Update for Microsoft Windows (KB824141) Web site
Security Update for Microsoft Windows (KB823182) Web site
Security Update for Microsoft Windows 2000 (KB826232) Web site
Security Update for Microsoft Windows 2000 (KB825119) Web site
Security Update for Microsoft Windows 2000 (KB828035) Web site
October 2003, Cumulative Patch for Internet Explorer 6 Service Pack 1 (KB828750)

Then this morning our customer service reps notified me fogbugz was down (one of two instances to be exact, the other fogbugz site was still working fine!).

Here is the error message they received. 
File:                  /support/fogbugz/preheader.asp
Line:                183
Error:                Server.CreateObject Access Error
Set g_StringUtil = Server.CreateObject("FogUtil.StringUtil") // actual line of code causing the error
ASPCode:        ASP 0178
Number:            0x80070005
Category:          Server object
Column:            -1
ASP                The call to Server.CreateObject failed while checking permissions.
Description:      Access is denied to this object
URL:                /support/fogbugz/default.asp

Running register.bat fixed the broken fogbugz site.

Matt Young
Thursday, October 16, 2003

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