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No FogBUGZ for FogBUGZ?

I would expect there would be a FogBUGZ installation to receive FogBUGZ-related bugs from the public, but I guess this feature may only be available to users who have purchased the product.  (I'm currently evaluating the trial version, but I wanted to report some bugs I found...)

Anyway, styles.css has th.dlg with vertical-align:top;, but td.dlg has no such vertical alignment directive, so it defaults to centering vertically.  This makes the "show me info about this user" screen look a little weird as the labels are slightly higher than their values.

I would normally attach a screenshot, but, well, this isn't FogBUGZ... :)

Secondly, still on the same screen, "Full name" is the only label with a ":" after it.  Please be consistent.

Third, the "Email" line has a tiny Outlook-like icon to click on to send e-mail to the address to its left.  Why not make the address AND the icon the hyperlink?  That makes it a bigger target to hit, which is very good usability-wise. (I would probably point to a Jakob Neilsen article if I wasn't so lazy right now...)

Olivier Dagenais
Sunday, September 14, 2003

Another bug, this time more for accessibility than usability:

The "Edit bug" (as well as the "Add bug") page use <span class="bugPrompt"></span> for the labels, like "Fix For:", "Category:", etc..

You can improve accessibility for people using a screen reader (like JAWS) if you use the <label> element instead.  I am pretty sure you can still apply the same style, except that when you use it as so:

<label for="ixFixFor">Fix For:</label>

...then not only will the screen reader associate that text with the form field with id "ixFixFor" (I think it has to be by ID, not by name), but people will also be able to click on the label and focus will be sent to the field the label refers to.

Consult the following for more information:

Olivier Dagenais
Sunday, September 14, 2003

When attempting to use the "Attach a file" feature on the trial edition, a window is openened that is 200x200 pixels and loads demofileinfo.asp.

I happen to have IE6.0 ignoring font styles and sizes, so the window's text is truncated and I don't see the "Close" link at the bottom of said text.

Olivier Dagenais
Sunday, September 14, 2003

Thanks for the feedback. I've added it to our internal db.

Michael H. Pryor
Tuesday, September 16, 2003

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