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More status types?  Opened vs. Accepted

Hi there.  My engineering team has lots and lots of bugs in fogbugz (that's testament to the quality of our QA team and not the quality of our code, folks....) and we're at the point where there are so many lingering open bugs  that it's tough for them to spot new ones.  Actually, here's exactly what they said:

'Yeah, it is easy for new bugs to just get lost in the pile the old ones before developers remember to read them. One thing we did at my previous company to help ameliorate this was to have all new bugs go into an "Opened" state, and then have developers move them quickly to an "Accepted" state. This meant that QA/managers knew whether a developer had looked at a bug or not, and could pester them if they hadn't.'

So my question is, is there an answer for this?  Btw, #8 on the top ten tips page says there are many more resolved states for a bug than our fogbugz installation allows us.  Is the doc out of date, or is our system messed up?

Henry Goldwire
Tuesday, August 5, 2003


There are two ways that I can think of for you to separate out the new bugs.  One is to create a filter for all new bugs in the last few days.  The other is to have all new bugs assigned to a "New Bug" area, or a "New Bug" user, until the appropriate person has taken control of the bug and assigned it to the correct place.

#8 on the Top Ten Tips page is accurate.  You can resolve a bug as fixed, won't fix, duplicate, etc.  Open a new bug, then hit resolve and choose the option from the drop down.

Michael H. Pryor
Tuesday, August 5, 2003

I would also like to request more control over status. In previous homegrown solutions, I have used status to move "cases" through a process i.e. (Pending, In Development, In Integration, In Test, etc.). I am just evaluating FB now and that is one limitation I noticed right away.

Andrew Falciani
Monday, October 6, 2003

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