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Right now the user has to rely on the browser's printing capabilities, which sometimes are not adequate for the purpose. Does anybody know if there's a plan to add [at least] elementary reporting functionality to the application?

Michael Chernenko
Wednesday, July 30, 2003

Hi Michael! Thanks for your feedback, we'll keep it in mind for future releases.

Are you aware of the basic reports that appear at the bottom of the page when viewing a list of bugs, and the reports that appear on the left when in Grid View?

For some powerful reporting tools I highly recommend you use Access or Excel on your FogBUGZ data, using one of the following tutorials:

Using Pivot Tables in Excel:

Creating Reports For FogBUGZ using Access 2000:

Hope this helps!

Fog Creek Software

Dmitri Kalmar
Wednesday, July 30, 2003

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