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Shared Filters

Can filters be shared amounst users.  Is there a way you can set up a filter so that you have a URL that anybody can use.  You could them send it to somehow by email...or put it on a web page.

Basically we'd like to be able to say ... Hey guys look at this collection of bugs by getting them to click on a link.

I guess what I am saying is …it seams that filters are personal, can you set up global filters?

Robert Kay
Wednesday, July 23, 2003

Not currently, but it's a very popular request and very high on our development priorities. As a hack you could copy the filter in the database itself, making a copy for each user. Or you could carefully construct a URL for the filter and email the URL around. To contstruct such a URL:

* edit the code in the ASP page for editing filters, change the form from a POST to a GET
* create the filter you want and submit the form
* copy the resulting URL from your address bar, it's a big mess  but it will work for anyone.

Joel Spolsky
Thursday, July 24, 2003

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