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Hi, I'm doing and evaluation on Fogbugz and have the following questions:

- is there a way of entering the OS that the bug occured on. Does that have to entered free form into the Computer field?
- Is there any means to periodically update bug owners of bugs outstanding ? I know on the gui you can send reminders but is there any automated  way?
- If I wanted to send a report to someone based on a query, do  just save the gridview page as html and use that as a report?
- Is there any means to schedule reports ? Would you have to run a query on the SQL db and set that up as a scheduled task ?
- Do you have performance statistics based on a high volume of cases and a high number of users\ projects ? (Using a SQL Server )
- do you have any screen shots of what the main screen would look like with lots of releases and projects etc.?

Trea Heapes
Wednesday, July 2, 2003

OS: that's exactly what the computer field is for. Yes, it's free form, but it remembers what you typed in.

Periodically update: adminsitrators have a command to do this in bulk. I have found that in real life, purely automatic email notifications get ignored by people anyway.

You can send reports to people using the "File | Send As Email" command in your web browser. Or you can just tell them to look in FogBUGZ which will always have the most current information.

I'm not sure why you would want to schedule reports. Again, the current data is always right there on the website, updated every second :)

Screen Shots:

Joel Spolsky
Wednesday, July 2, 2003

Thanks Joel.
Regarding automatic email of outstanding ptrs. We have it here with our existing bug tracker and you're right it is mostly ignored, but is used the odd time.

The schedule of reports would be one of the features in our evaluation criteria. We don't use it in our own bug tracker.
Again its a feature that would be rarely used in my opinion as we generally produce a report as we need it or look at the bug tracker online when reviewing bugs with the team.

I had seen those screen shots already as I've been through all the available help online. I was looking for examples  where there may be 60+ users and >20 projects with a few hundred bugs in each project at various stages in their cycle. This would be very important to us in terms of proof of performance and in terms of how the gui looks.

Another thing. You have said that the reason you don't allow customisable fields is that you find this makes the use of the system more complex by virtue of there being more fields to try to fill. But if its an administrative task and maybe even customisable by project then I don't see this as the case. The project\team leaders here would have input into the fields that would be useful and its in our interest for people to feel at ease with entering bugs. 


Trea Heapes
Thursday, July 3, 2003

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