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Hi Guys,
  I need web based incident tracking that both I and my clients can access / edit. I would like to use FogBUGZ, and (although on a limited budget) can afford the software for 3 users (myself and two clients) and for some of the budget hosting plans out there. I've dealt with hosting, but I'm not an expert (my company's home page and some PHP / MySQL work with Linux hosting).
  Does anyone have any recommendations for the easiest / cheapest / fastest way to go about this?

  {name hidden to protect the ignorant - the poster, that is ;->}

Thursday, June 26, 2003

From Fog Creek Support:

I actually did some digging and I've found that most ASP hosts which would allow you to host an asp application for like $25/month would not be sufficient for fogbugz because we need access to the registry, we install DLLs and 3rd party components, and we also install a service.  Therefore you would need a virtual dedicated host which would cost you more than $100/month which may be out of your price range.

This site has a huge lists of hosting providers:

Hope that helps!
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Wednesday, July 2, 2003

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