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Ray Ellington wrote (back in January):
For some reason, when email notifications are sent to users, the url is the ip address of the Fogbugz server.  Since the server is NAT'd, the ip address is a private ip ( so the external users cannot reach it via the url link.

Michael Responded:
It just asks the HTTP server for its own name.  Usually it returns the name you are accessing it by.  So if you are internal and you type http://localhost/fogbugz then it thinks its name is localhost.  The opener of the bug that sent the email is probably accessing FogBUGZ by its IP instead of its DNS name.

I'm adding:
Is it possible to have the system exclusively use one or the other? We have people both behind a NATed router and working remotely, and I'd like it to always show the internal (http://server/fogbugz) address, instead of the external one. Can this be a switch in a future update?


Tim Sullivan
Friday, June 20, 2003

Until FogCreek makes it an option, you can just edit the util.asp file and change the GetURLPrefix() function to return whatever URL you wish, including an optional port number, if you desire.


Function GetURLPrefix

  GetURLPrefix = "http://server/fogbugz"

End Function

Todd Brooks
Saturday, June 21, 2003

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