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Option to show Closed cases in left-menu

It would be nice to easily be able to see the closed reports on the items listed in the left-hand menu. This is useful for seeing what items have been fixed in a recent release, what cases have been closed by a person etc.

Maybe just as a link in the top-left hand corner that would toggle between open and closed reports.

I might look into tweaking the .asp pages myself - but that will have to wait until after I've finished by 3 weeks of holidays... ;)

Hallvard Vassbotn
Friday, June 20, 2003

I've done this now. I expanded all the mini-reports on the left hand side to report either open reports or closed cases. I made the word "Open" a link to toggle into Closed reports and vice versa.

I works nicely. The only "problem" is that the per-person reports doesn't show much useful information in the Closed report, because all closed issues are assigned to the pseudo-person CLOSED...

IMO, it would be useful set the AssignedTo field to the person that last resolved the case when the case is closed. The fact that it is closed is recorded in the fOpen field anyway, no need to duplicate it into the AssignedTo field. This way it would be easy for each developer to find all closed cases implemented by him.

I guess the information is possible to dig up by looking through the BugEvent records, but it would be more accessible in the AssignedTo field.

Hallvard Vassbotn
Wednesday, July 23, 2003

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