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Email and CVS integration

Having no control over my own destiny with email, I have to ask how FogBUGZ lives with Lotus Notes.
We have a corporate SMTP-Notes gateway, which I'm assuming would handle the job.
I'm interested in similiar customer experiences like this.

My project builds on many Unices, and we use CVS running on a Mac Xserve to hold the repository.  From what I've read, BUGZ should integrate with it.
However, my Windows builds won't live within CVS because of .NET difficulties (imagine that).  They can't even share the CVS tree.  So they currently live on a 2K server running SourceSafe.  Knowing and having run Perrforce, this isn't the same thing. 
So, my questions are:
- is SourceSafe supported?
- could/should I convert my Windows tree to Perforce? (BTW,this would be difficult, because many other developers are tied into this SourceSafe server)
- AND would BUGZ support more than one library control system at a time?

Your comments are appreciated.

Tyler Barnett
Tuesday, June 10, 2003

I don't have personal experience with either lotus or SourceSafe, but my understanding is:

Fogbugz sends SMTP e-mail and you can easily configure it to use your SMTP gateway.

FogBugz, as it comes out of the box, only supports one source-control method per installation.  So you could have two fogbugz servers, one for your CVS-controlled code and one for your SourceSafe-controlled code.  Or you could modify the installation to handle multiple source-code repositories, which is what I would suggest.

Sam Mikes
Friday, June 13, 2003

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