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Good (checks clock) morning!

I just bought FogBUGZ yesterday and I'm loving the interface, the cleanliness, and everything else.

Some suggestions if they have not been brought up before:

Allow Categories to be editable.  I added what I was looking for through SQL but I couldn't find a place to edit categories in the "official" GUI.  Am I missing it?  (I feel like I am.)  I expected there to be an area to edit Categories in the "Edit Project" like the "Releases" area.

Allow categories to be project specific.  Yep, this is getting silly but it'd be nice for me to be able to specify custom categories based on the project. 

OKAY.  The topic doesn't include anything about FogBUGZ - I just wanted to rave about it.  It's fantastic, simple, easy to understand, and tracks everything I need it to.  For the price it can't be beat.  I really, truly, absolutely love it.

Is it possible to purchase this forum for use?  I'm actually interested in a very simply Knowledge Base type system that I could integrate into FogBUGZ and this forum would actually work fairly well.  (heh heh.)  (With modifications.)  I guess I could go and search the web but since FogBUGZ performs so well I thought I'd ask here first. ;)

Brian M. Schkerke
Tuesday, June 3, 2003

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