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Feature request: Support "file://..." URLs

I can place a "http://www...." URL in a text field along with a case, and FogBUGZ correctly renders this as a link that I can follow.

It would be good if "file://..." links were rendered in a similar fashion.

This came up because I've got a 70MB file that's related to one of the cases I'm working on, and although I could easily attach it as a file, it's pointless, because (a) it just bloats my FogBUGZ installation directories, and (b) it's sitting on one of our file servers.

Andrew Lighten
Saturday, May 31, 2003

I'll fix it.  For now, go into TranslateTextIntoLinks in util.asp and change the part where it says ftp|https? to file|ftp|https?

Michael H. Pryor
Monday, June 2, 2003

I was having trouble with the part of http://www being turned into a link, and in going through the support list, found this message.  So we look at our util.asp and it's got file|ftp|https but not http - is there a reason why we shouldn't add http to the list?

And if there is a reason, is there something we've done on our setup to inadvertently turn off the http://www being turned into a link automatically?

cristobal baray
Friday, August 29, 2003

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