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Bugzscout Issue

I'm having some issues with Bugzscout and perhaps someone here can help. Naturally I want to use Bugzscout with a user application so that when the application generates an unexpected error it automatically sends a bug report to FogBugz.

Now I wrote a small application to test this and the first time I submitted a case using the Bugzscout interface, wth the "bForceNewBug" flag set to False. The case within FogBugz contained two new undocumented fields; "Scout Msg" and "Scout Will". I have noticed that when you set "Scout Will" to "Stop Reporting", Bugzscout will not longer submit cases regardless of the "bForceNewBug" flag state. Also Bugzscout only ever appends to the first submitted bug when the flag is False.

Is this normal behaviour? Has anyone had experiences with Bugzscout?

Victor Rodrigues
Saturday, May 24, 2003

Okay, I figured it out. Quite silly on my part. FogBugz differenciates between Bugzscout submitted cases soley on the case title and therefore if you submit a case with the same description and you have set Bugzscout to "Stop Reporting", nothing further will be appended to the case.

Interestingly enough (and this I like) if you close a case and leave "Scout Will" to "Continue Reporting" it will reopen the case. Very niffty - for those "so you think you fixed this?" bugs.

Victor Rodrigues
Saturday, May 24, 2003

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