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Advice on 1 - 7 priorities


Just getting into the system, nice.

Would fellow users care to share their 1 -  7 priority listings?



Paul Morton
Thursday, May 22, 2003

1 - Don't go home until this is resolved
2 - Absolutely must resolve ASAP
3 - Need this resolved quite quickly
4 - Please resolve soon
5 - To be resolved, but not urgent
6 - Resolve when time permits
7 - Leave until really bored

Andrew Lighten
Sunday, May 25, 2003

I like Andrew's list.
However, I've shifted it down by one and added "Not prioritised yet" to the top: 1 is the default priority, so it is automatically not prioritised.
Needless to say I've lost the bored one.

Michael Mayne
Wednesday, August 6, 2003

We are a genetics web site and are in the early phase of using FogBUGZ.  We have settled on a first draft of a priorities list and would like people's comments on it:

1 - Urgent
2 - High
3 - Medium
4 - Low

These 4 are used with cases that are assigned to people and are actively being worked on.

5 - Blocked

We are often blocked on a case because we are waiting on something from someone outside the organization.  Cases get moved to this priority when they are in this state and are moved back to their original priority when they are unblocked.

If a case is waiting on someone inside the organization, we plan to assign the case to them until they unblock it.  We won't change the priority of internally blocked cases.  Cases like this will become a hot potato.  The hope is to make people aware of what they are holding up.

6- Unscheduled

These cases have been reviewed and found to be important, and will be scheduled at some point in the future.

7 - Unprioritized

All cases come in as unprioritized.  They are distributed to the other 6 priorities (or closed) as they are reviewed.  Cases do not remain with this priority for long.

I have seen comments elsewhere in the discussion board on how to get a priority other than 1 as your default priority.

Any comments?


Dave Clements
Thursday, August 28, 2003

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