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This is really a Nit, but if you find yourself with tons of extra time on your hands...

I use FogBUGZ to track my project and VSS to archive my source code. I have FogBUGZ configured to use Access as the database and I routinely check the .mdb file into VSS alonside the source.

By default VSS likes to make files read only and while appropriate for source, this is not desireable for the FogBUGZ database. The first time that this occured FogBUGZ notified me that the new case could not be saved and requested that I try to enter it again. Since I had just checked the database into VSS I quickly determined the source of the problem, but it would have been nice for FogBUGZ to spell it out for me.

That's it. Just check for a read-only flag on the database file if a case can not be added when using Access. The error message could then better describe the problem and how to resolve it.


Bryan Hall
Wednesday, May 21, 2003

That sort of error handling would also help in situations where file or directory permissions aren't set correctly.  (Read only access has been given, or the database is on a share, etc.)

Brian M. Schkerke
Tuesday, June 3, 2003

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