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Enhancement for duplicate handling

I've got request for the next release of FogBUGZ.

Right now, if there's any duplicate cases, they're shown as "Duplicates: x, y, z".

Duplicates aren't always exact duplicates, because they sometimes contain additional or different information about a problem. In many cases, they're "Related" as well as "Duplicates".

I'd like the to be listed down the page rather than across (in the same way that checkins are), and against each number, show the title of the duplicate.

I've got a case that involves a server installation we're doing. I've had a bunch of other emails come in that are related to it, and I've been taking the salient bits of text out of them, editing my primary case to save the text, then marking the new email as a duplicate. Against my major case I see:

Duplicates: 321, 358, 360, 390

This doesn't tell me a lot about what's in those other duplicate/related cases. It would be good to see:

321 - Setup new server for NSW
358 - Online ordering - request for copy of Telstra internet direct - standard (direct service only)
360 - Your request has been received and assigned
390 - IP address for <servername>-AU

This way I can see just a little bit more about what each duplicate is, so when I want to refer to it for the additional information or different perspective it provides I know where to look.

I would make this change to our own copy of FogBUGZ, but I suspect that it's actually useful to a wider audience than just me.

Andrew Lighten
Thursday, May 8, 2003

How about a tooltip? To save space and clutter on screen...

Joel Spolsky
Thursday, May 15, 2003

Yeah, a tooltip would do the job perfectly.

Shows why you're the UI guru and I'm a C++ grunt. :-(

Andrew Lighten
Monday, May 19, 2003

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