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Feature Request: Support for Regression

It would be a nice feature (admin level?) that would allow you to do the following as part of the general fogbugz interface:

1) Reactivate a closed Case for Regression testing
2) Have a Bulk Reactivation interface
      a) Along these lines, have an assignment policy that would support a somewhat even distribution of these reactivated cases among a subset of the users

I was able to add this functionality manually (however it would be nice to have this as part of the standard interface!!) doing the following:

1) add a row to the Category table, call it regress
2) add a row to the Status table, again call it regress

3) using the Microsoft Query Analyzer, find all of the closed bugs for a particular project, and set them as open, and to the new Category/Status of "Regress" in the Bug table

4) Again using the MS QA, figure out the user index of all the people who will be doing the regression testing

5) Using the MSQA, change the assigned to column for all the regressed bugs to max(ixPerson)+10+ixBug%(the count from step 4)

6) Now that the bugs have been "evenly" redistributed among N values, again update each group of bugs to the new user who will be doing the regression

7) Next insert the table information in to the BugEvent table to show this major change of status... constructed by creating a query that will reproduce each column in the BugEvent table, and then using it as part of an insert into query....

Hope this helps any of the other fogbugz hackers out there....

BTW.....this program still never ceases to amaze me esp with how hackable it is (in a good way!!)....(not to mention I've learned more about SQL just by playing with this program than I have in 2 semesters of classes at my University.....

Arthur Strutzenberg
Wednesday, May 7, 2003

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