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title input box more prominent

Small UI feature request: make the title input box more prompinently present. Grow the font. Fatten the border. Make its background yellow. Anything.

I wouldn't want to force people to enter something but it's a shame when someone just overlooks it thereby creating uninformative grid views. (I know I have a few times already - and it's only the first day I'm using this thing :-)

Taco Ekkel
Tuesday, May 6, 2003

And yes, I know I can edit my own CSS - I just wouldn't want others to miss out on this ;-)

Taco Ekkel
Tuesday, May 6, 2003

interesting request :) During some early betas it looked that way (big, fat, green) but people complained that it didn't look *enough* like an edit box and THEREFORE people were not entering titles...

The bottom line is, if people don't want to enter titles, it's really hard to force them. Our attempts to tweak the UI to encourage title-entry haven't helped much.

In fact you may have noticed that if you enter a bug without a title we yell at you with a little yellow post-it note saying, "DIDN'T YOU MEAN TO ENTER A TITLE?"

At this point I think you have a sociological problem on your hands :) My solution to such problems: if a bug is entered without a title, either add one, or bounce it back, resolved as "NOT-REPRO", until that person learns to enter titles.

Joel Spolsky
Friday, May 9, 2003

Hah! It's not a question of 'wanting to' - it's a question of 'not overlooking'. It's about work flow in the literal sense (eye movement):

(0. eyes wander freely, playing hide&seek with mouse cursor while page loading)
1. Page loaded, eyes enter page, eyes are drawn like a magnet to the BIG header 'TITLE'
2. Brain registers 'title'. Eyes move to 'Next Objective' as seen from 'Corner Of Eye': the 'Big Box With Lots Of Inputs' underneath header 'TITLE'.
3. In the mean time: Eyes skip title input box.

Does that sound plausible? Or do I have weird eyes? ;-)

Anyway, having said that, you're right, of course - the green big bar story is quite recognisable - which leads us back to one of the many situations in which we have to accept that an interface should not (and therefore cannot) enforce desirable behaviour.
(we can only have the title bar blink a few times, and then hook a hidden activeX into windows that spawns a Paperclip Office Assistant pointing out the title box for you >-)

Taco Ekkel
Monday, May 12, 2003

Perhaps you're trying to put too much empasis on the title, which really is not altogether different from any other information being entered.  Why not put the Title field into the gray box that shows all the other fields to fill in, and align the start of the textbox with the others below it?  I am not familiar with previous versions of FogBugz (we just bought it) but I would think that to be a simple fix.  More times than not I forget the Title because I jump down into the meat of the case, which is contained in the green-bordered gray and white box.

While effective process execution (entering bugs) requires repetition and at times management discipline, minor changes in layout can promote the process and make life easier for everyone.  ;)

Erin Young
Thursday, June 19, 2003

yes, i've had several complaints on my end too about the title box, project drop down and area dropdown.

the general consensus around the office here is that your eyes are immediately drawn to the grey table area where the fields to be entered are neatly laid out in rows, one after another.

the other 3 input areas (title, project, area) are white boxes on a white background and are outside the table border (which seems to group "all" the required inputs) which does not attract any attention to the fields. the result is that they often get overlooked as you're trying to quickly enter a bug while on the phone with the client or to get back to resolving bugs.

to add to the confusion the boxes are not laid out one per row like everything else so the "sequential" feel of the rest of the data entry is lost.

with training i'm sure we'll get through it, but it'd be nice to see them 1 per row, inside the table with a little background colour.


ps: aside from that, we're all extremely happy with fb!!

Jeff Berg
Saturday, July 19, 2003

In addition to the other comments, I'd like to say that the fact that the Title field /seems/ to have a default value (the text "Click here to Enter a Title") gives you the impression that it already has a valid value and does not need to be edited.

That's just how the brains work - the actual text does not matter, people doesn't read it anyway.

Hallvard Vassbotn
Tuesday, July 22, 2003

I made the modification on our server now. I removed the Click-here text, changed the position, size and font of the title input field.

It feels better now - a little more user testing will show if it was a change in the right direction or not...

Hallvard Vassbotn
Wednesday, July 23, 2003

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